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Key Account Management

If you dream of...


Go-to-market with the right approach is difficult. Anyone can present a product and hope for the best – we translate your story into the language of a professional purchaser: Value proposition.

Low Cost

We are available to customers and you 24/7, but you are paying only for realtime. Since we combine and collect things, we are more efficient, and most importantly, more active with customers than internally with you. An agreement will typically only cost 30% of the cost of your own Key Account Manager.


We are currently working with 50 chains in the Nordic region – and presently 127 in Europe. Depending on your capacity, you can select from a single chain solution to a broader European approach in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, France and Spain.

Our concept is simple.

You get your personal KAM which is available 24/7, but you only pay for real time – therefore, a typical agreement costs maximum 30% of the cost of your own KAM.

You can get part of the way with hard work, naked marketing and google, and along with charm and self confidence you might reach semi results. A professional KAM focuses only on creating value for customers by seeking new angles in a cooperattion, and speaking much less about one self.

In KAMexcellence we are happy to share our experience with you, as we are only competing with ourselves. Unfortunately, a classic challenge among selling colleagues is to disshare good ideas, because only by holding back the success of colleagues, you are better off.

Connect with us no strings attached.

Peter J

KAMexcellence is owned by Peter Jørgensen. In addition to extensive experience from all aspects of FMCG, along with 25 years at sales Director level, including 6 years at C level – you can see Peter on "Denmark's shortest education"

"Peter, are you aware of how many lousy
salespersons are out there? "

In-house Outsourcing

Our concept ensures that your story is properly told "by you", to a large audience at a much lower and easy scalable cost.

Customer Experience

We provide an exciting customer experience based on business insights, to the extend that the customer does not manage himself. We speak from facts, not feellings using data, documentation, planograms, competitors, pricing, campaignlevel, delivery standards – and last; the customers can feel the passion, when we know we are helping to create value.


We consider ourselves detectives, as we search untill we find. And if the way is not obvious, we will tell you what it takes. It may sound simple – but once the "proof" has been obtained, it will secure the hitrate, as we can easily explain how the customer adds more value compared to the current situation.

No time waste

We do not eat lunch, do not require a pension, drive our own car, use our own phone, are in no need of education. We neither disturb your busy IT department nor complain about the Christmas gift. Its obvious, you save both time, money and frustration.


If you want more than only growing 3% organic per year – and you dream of getting your products in front of the best-known retail chains in Europe, let our large network take you to the world, where just one listing makes a huge difference.